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Derek's blog

Why Choose Qualtrics as Your Platform for Insight?



Two Ideas to Accelerate Your Initial Customer Experience Management Efforts

You’ve recently been tasked with implementing a program to improve the customer experience, possibly because a senior executive has talked to his peers or read a compelling review in the Harvard Review.  To make your life easier, consider these two concepts as your starting point;


Big Data Impact on Customer Experience and Vice Versa

Customer experience management continues to be a rapidly gowing segment, (Huffpost article with good data) estimated to grow at 20% CAGR over the next 5 years. Key factors that are driving this growth include;


Big Data Needs a New Name, “Borg Data”?

The simple definition of Big Data refers to any analysis that consumes data that exceeds a single systems capacity to collect and analyze the data. Admittedly simplistic, but a great starting point. Dr. Attila Barta, one of the major Architecture leads at BMO, advises that we (managers) must all take the time to understand how we got to this point, in order to prepare to move forward. Sage advice, but will enough of us take the time to understand this before it takes us over?


Top Economic Forecaster Recommends Customer Research as Top Priority

I recently attended another outstanding presentation by ITR Economics, the oldest independent economic advisory firm in North America.   ITR is known as the most accurate forecaster (over 94% accuracy in the past 20 years) -, but what really distinguishes them to their audiences is the way they provide specific recommendations for businesses and strategists based on where we are in the economic cycle.  

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