About Us


We are constantly building our team of professionals based on the requirements of our clients.   The team is lead by Derek Bildfell, an experienced CEO, marketing strategist and customer experience expert which is a skill profile ideally suited to building successful values based initiatives and corporations.


Executing the research to support strategy requires a high quality and innovative organization.
Logit Group is experienced with all types of research execution. Their online platform, QFi is innovative with video testimonies, custom programming and all types of interactive data collection.
Logit Group's interviewing team is equally adept with executive interviewing and research project management.


Premium customer relationships and experiences are at the forefront of our business philosophy. This means ensuring that everything we do provides value to you, so that you, in turn, can create greater value for your customers. We operate from a “give” rather than a “get” perspective. With this outlook, we gain the ability to perceive the world through your eyes, in addition to our own. And with both perspectives we tackle your obstacles with greater foresight and accuracy.


Being technology-first allows us to innovate faster than our people-intensive competitors and keeps our customers on the best software available, hands down. We design all of our products to be self-serve, so you can kiss the middleman goodbye and only use services for things you can’t do yourself. Instead of big upfront commitments, we let customers tackle the most important problems first and grow from there—just like your business did.