Customer Experience Strategy and Program Design

We create customer experience systems that provide you information on how your customer feels about your company's products and services. Our main source of measure is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) which uses an 11 point scale to determine how likely a respondent is to recommend your product or service. We prescribe a Closed Loop system in which management is contacted immediately about issues and opportunities as we discover them. Management now has the responsibility to get in contact with the respondent to understand their issue and do what they can to resolve it. By understanding the problem, you have a chance to change their view about the company's product or service which in turn leads to a positive change in their opinion.


Manage Customer Experience Systems

We use Qualtrics and Microsoft BI tools to create and run our Closed Loop Systems. We take our clients values, offerings and priorities when handling customers to gain insight on how they are performing. We manage any concerns by assigning alert issues to our client's management team. After receiving the alert, they handle any issues or concerns using proven closed loop experience management tools and procedures. 



Experience Management Training and Executive Coaching

ASI has built and managed dozens of customer experience management programs.   We provide executive training in customer experience management.  We focus on ensuring the economic benefits of improved experiences are well understood by the team.  Having the right motivation at the outset leads to a more engaged audience during the ensuing training.  As clients begin to internalize the benefits of improve experience management they will be able to make well justified investment plans to expand and optimize their intiatives.