Our Clients Say It Best!  ASI Uses Feedback and NPS® Programs to Drive Results!

Don’t Just Measure NPS, Drive Results!


ASI was instrumental in helping us identify any potential issues mid-sales cycle. This allowed our sales leaders to respond in real time to each customer on an individual basis to answer their questions and assuage any concerns.

                              COO Financial Services


Derek is super hero for growing businesses. Not only does he know what to ask and look for but he has a deep understanding of how to best use the information gathered and apply it to the business model.

                              CEO of Fastest Growing Company in Canada – Consumer Services   


We value ASI’s responsiveness and the ability to tailor their product to our needs as we are in a highly dynamic environment!

             High Growth Entrepreneurial CEO


ASI is very important to our company and it has impacted our company in a positive way as we now have over 4 years of data/analysis as a benchmark for our employee's feedback of the company's culture, processes and services.

                              Director of HR, One of Canada’s Best Managed Companies   


ASI’s program gets to the heart of what’s important quickly and easily.    The first part of this NPS program was for our Drivers.  Derek attended our recent driver safety meeting on a Saturday and gave them an NPS overview training.   He fit in so well that prior to him speaking they thought he was a “well dressed” driver that had recently joined our organization --- that says a lot about Derek’s ability to adjust to his audience.    What he has to share with my fellow CEO’s is extremely valuable.

                              CEO in Transportation Industry 


ASI are the consummate professionals. They take the time to truly understand your business, your customers and your desired end state. Essentially, Derek and his team become part of YOUR team. Their attention to detail, care and concern for your customers and your business model is amazing and they truly partner with you to help you succeed. Additionally, their analysis and recommendations based on the feedback from your customers is exceptional and really 'clears the clutter' for what you need to focus on as a business.

Thank-you for you support in driving our business growth, even in times of last-minute changes.  You have been tremendous in the value you brought and your valuable insights.

                              VP of Member Services


Thanks for your support and understanding over the years, I always appreciate and value ASI’s experience and perspective.

                              President of Highly Dynamic Consumer Services Firm



Acceleration Strategy Approach To Customer and Employee Experience Management


Manage the Experience – Manage the Growth.  The experience is observed by measuring the perceptions held by customers, employees, partners and suppliers.  One can drive alignment by measuring the experience gaps in any area then work to eliminate these gaps.  It's a process called Experience Management and is most effective with customer perceptions.   

We follow the frameworks that have been defined by the most highly regarded business books of all time, including Good to Great, 5th Discipline, The Ultimate Question, Michael Porter's works, to name a few. Stakeholder buy in develops naturally during the iterative process identifying and eliminating experience gaps. This alignment, supported by empowering technology, drives buy in and ultimately strategy acceleration.

Net Promoter Systems (NPS tm) are critical to most engagements.  Leveraging the ultimate question as a key element of the closed loop process ensures continuous improvement of the company aligned on customer centric priorities.

  1. Front line immediate remediation and customer relationship development.
  2. Employee Engagement is critical as the key experience drivers are delivered by the employee!
  3. Enterprise strategic resource planning establishes consistent improvements across the company.
  4. Financial impact analysis informs the prioritization and scale of investments such that the ROI of your programs ensures their continued success.
  5. R&D integrates customer perception data into the enterprise data to generate profitable innovation.

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The Essence of a Closed Loop Process